Cayman Islands Cancer Society

    CICS is a charity incorporated in 1995 in the Cayman Islands. The Society is funded through charitable donations and fundraising events. The mission of the Society is to increase awareness among the people of the Cayman Islands of cancer as a major health concern, to initiate positive change in all areas relating to cancer, to prevent the development of cancer and to counsel and support cancer patients and their families.


    Women's Dive Day July 15th

    Women's Dive Day Cayman

    Women’s Dive Day is being celebrated on Saturday, July 15. The day is a chance for female divers to gather, celebrate their love of diving, and support each other.

    Divetech has traditionally honoured this event with an all-female two-tank boat dive, hosted by an all-female dive crew. Joanna Mikutowicz, owner of Divetech, said: “So if you are a female diver, please join us for this great time on Saturday, July 15 on our afternoon pink boat Atatude.

    “Divetech donates all proceeds from the event to charity – this year’s donation will be made to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, who will have a representative on the boat with us.”

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    Published June 30, 2017