Cayman Islands Cancer Society

    The Cayman Islands Cancer Society (CICS) is a non-profit charitable organisation, which was established in 1995. The CICS relies exclusively on special fundraising efforts and donations from the community.  The CICS uses the funds it receives to help the community in several ways, but most prevalently through cancer awareness programmes and direct financial assistance to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

    In addition to direct financial assistance, the CICS helps provide patients with access to health care equipment (wheelchairs/walkers), prosthetics and provides counselling and on-going support services to patients and their families.  Assistance from the CICS is available to anyone living in the Cayman Islands and, as an independent organisation, all monies raised in Cayman stay in Cayman to benefit our community.   

    Fundraising Stories: Adam Stoner

    adamstonerWhen Adam Stoner lost his grandfather to leukemia in 2007, he knew that one day he'd try to do something for every other family also touched by cancer. 

    Today, Adam is fundraising with Locks of Love and CICS to donate his incredible hair to makes wigs for those who have lost their hair due to treatment and to raise money with donations to help others in the community. 

    Adam's fundraising goal is $1926, symbolic of the year of his grandfather's birth. 

    You can help this young man reach his fundraising goal and honour the memory of his grandfather while raising money for CICS and a wig for Locks of Love by donating today.

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    Published December 15, 2018