Cayman Islands Cancer Society

    CICS is a charity incorporated in 1995 in the Cayman Islands. The Society is funded through charitable donations and fundraising events. The mission of the Society is to increase awareness among the people of the Cayman Islands of cancer as a major health concern, to initiate positive change in all areas relating to cancer, to prevent the development of cancer and to counsel and support cancer patients and their families.

    The Cayman Islands Cancer Society to pleased to once again partner with the Flowers Sea Swim. This year, proceeds from the Flowers Sea Swim will come to the CICS to help us help others. Register for the 2016 Flowers Sea Swim now!

    Mike Kenna - 12 Marathons in 12 Months

    Join Mike Kenna as he runs toward an amazing goal!

    Mike Kenna 12 in 12From December 2015 to December 2016 Mike Kenna will be running 12 marathons in 12 months. He will complete his challenge at the Cayman Intertrust Marathon December 2016. All funds raised for Mike during all 12 runs will stay in Cayman and benefit the Cancer Society and the Humane Society.

    Mike has already completed 6 of the 12 marathons:

    • Cayman 2015
    • Miami Marathon, Florida
    • Cayman Off the Beaten track
    • Rock 'n' Roll, Washington, DC
    • The Big D Marathon, Dallas, Texas
    • Blue Nose Marathon, Halifax, Nova Scotia

    And has 6 more to complete:

    • Niagara in June
    • TBC in July
    • Gloucestershire, UK in August
    • Montreal in September
    • Dublin in October
    • and finally, Cayman 2016 in December

    Follow Mike's progress and support him on Facebook

    Donate online here or call us at 949-7618.

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    Published May 29, 2016