Fun Ideas for Fundraisers

    Every dollar counts! Fundraising in your community is a great way to connect with those around you while raising money for a good cause. 

    Need some fundraising ideas for your friends, school, workplace or church? Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Have a bake sale/pot luck lunch

    • Employees bake/bring cakes/eatables in and all payments go to charity.
    • Employees bring lunch food/wine and everyone who eats makes a donation.

    Have a dress down day

    • Pick a day and allow everyone who makes a donation to dress casually.
    • Wear a colour in honor of a loved one
    • Know someone who had breast cancer? Ask everyone to make a donation and wear pink, the awareness ribbon colour for breast cancer.
    • Have an employee who had childhood cancer? Ask everyone to make a donation and wear gold.
    • Distribute the list of cancers and ribbon awareness colours to everyone, and ask them to wear a colour for a loved one who had that cancer.

    Sell assorted coloured ribbons

    • Purchase ribbon and straight pins and allow employees to make donations and receive a loop of ribbon in the colour of their choice.

    Payroll deduction sign up

    • Provide employees with the opportunity to complete a one-time payroll deduction as a donation. The company could encourage donations by agreeing to match the donations dollar for dollar.

    Have a raffle

    • Raffle off a parking spot.
    • Sell raffle tickets for the best parking space in the lot at church or school. Or the boss’s spot! Whoever wins, gets to park there for a week, a month, a year……
    • Raffle off the chance to be “Principal for the Day” or “Boss for the Day” (or use this as an incentive for the person who raises most money).
    • Raffle off a nice camera, iPad, iPhone, grocery store gift card, gas card, jewelry.

    Sell tickets to win lunch or golf with the boss

    • Lunch will be out of the office and the boss pays.
    • Tips for the waiters and waitresses

     Teachers become the servers in the cafeteria or canteen at school

    • They bring the school lunch to the student, clear the plates, dispose of the trash, bring cutlery and pour water… for tips.
    • Executives become the servers in the employee dining room.
    • Doctors become the servers in the hospital coffee shop.

    Competitions between senior management

    • Make donations to watch senior management compete against each other in a bike race, hula hoop contest, get a pie in the face….
    • Executive Car Wash or Shoe Shine

    Ask the boss to be a good sport for a good cause and do something for the employees

    • Get your shoes shined by the boss; have your car washed by the executives.
    • Dress-up the Boss
    • Boss wears a costume voted on by all employees if the donation goal is met

    Ugly Tie or Hat or Jewelry Contest

    • Donate $ to vote on tackiest executive tie, hat, jewelry
    • Shave the Boss’s Head or Dye the Boss’s Hair
    • Employees reach or exceed company donation goal, and the boss agrees to shave off his or her hair (heads of hair or mustaches and beards).

    Have a contest (department to department)

    • To decorate your cubicle/desk/office/department.
    • Tug of war (top donor gets first pick when choosing teams).
    • Zumbathon/Dance off/Karaoke
    • Make a donation and ZUMBA!
    • See who the best dancer is.
    • Have a karaoke competition, with donations from all entrants.

    Book Sale

    • Bring in books that you no longer need/want and sell them.

    Quiz/Movie night

    • Gather all employees/students and make a donation to watch a variety of movies
    • Get everyone together and set up a quiz and see if you know as much as you think.

    Swear box/change collections

    • Collect change in the office every time an expletive escapes.

    Have any other great fundraising ideas? Let us know!