...Did You Know?

    The Cayman Islands Cancer Society receives donations in many forms each year to provide the services that we do.  Here is a breakdown of what the contributions of our members, volunteers, community partners and funders make happen for our beautiful islands annually:

    • CICS budgets $100,000 of financial aid to help people you know each year!
    • CICS pays $1000’s per year for life saving mammogram, pap and PSA tests. $2000+ in pap test fees in Oct & Nov!
    • CICS pays over $55,000 per year to create a National Cancer Registry with HSA!
    • CICS has earmarked $30,000 to pay for HPV vaccines that will be provided FREE!
    • CICS budgets $50,000 to cancer education/prevention efforts!
    • In 2011 CICS provided continuing medical education to 200 allied health professionals & a FREE health fair to over 500 people. We averaged 5 free presentations a month.

    Visit our donations page to find out more about how YOU can help us develop our mission of raising awareness on issues related to cancer, cancer prevention, and providing support to cancer patients.

    Awareness Ribbons Decoded

    If you have ever wondered what all those different coloured awareness ribbons mean, look no further!

    Pink- Breast Cancer

    Light Blue- Prostate Cancer/Thyroid Cancer

    Teal - Ovarian/Uterine Cancer

    Gold - Childhood Cancers

    Grey - Brain Cancer

    Green - Kidney Cancer

    Dark Blue - Colon Cancer

    Yellow - Liver/Bladder Cancer

    Purple - Pancreatic Cancer

    Black- Melanoma (Skin Cancer)

    Orange- Leukemia

    Periwinkle - Stomach/Esophageal Cancer

    Lime Green - Lymphoma

    White - Lung Cancer

    Lavender - General cancer awareness/Gynecological Cancer

    Brown - Colorectal Cancer

    Orchid/Violet - Testicular Cancer

    Red with White Stripe - Head & Neck Cancer