Board of Directors

Together we can make a difference

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Sook Lee Yin Eccles

Dr. Sookie has a personal mission to help the people of Cayman. Everyone knows there are no limits to the energy this woman has but you may not know that she eats an entire scotch bonnet pepper every day. This could be the mysterious source of her energy. Dr. Sook Yin has been on the CICS Board since 2002 as Medical Director and she remains an active Director focusing on advocacy issues. She also has her own private medical practice. A few things you might not know about Dr. Yin, include she cannot ride a bicycle, she makes delicious ‘steak & kidney pie’ and she loves dogs.


Betty Ann Duty

betty ann Betty Ann Duty is the Operations Manager at Intertrust Group.  Betty Ann has been a Director since 2009 and is Chair of Board of Directors for the Cancer Society.  When asked why she decided to dedicate her time to the Cancer Society, she remarked “the CICS provides assistance and support in so many ways to the community, and I just want to give back as much as I possibly can.”  Her parents would be proud of her!  When asked to name the secret snack she can’t live without she confessed “salt & vinegar chips”


Donovan Brummer

donovan Donovan Brummer is the man to see at Kirk Office.  When he’s not selling office equipment, he’s volunteering on the Board of Directors.  Like most of our volunteers, Donovan has seen the difficulties people with Cancer have to face so he’s happy to help others whenever he can.  When you first meet him you might think he’s quite serious and quiet but don’t  be fooled.  At a staff Christmas Party, we learned that Donavan has a secret talent for cooking.  According to him he makes “the best homemade pizza”


Hope Stephenson

Hope Stephenson “Miss Hope” is one of the most well-known faces in Cayman through her work as a receptionist at the Government Administration Building.  Around since the beginning of the Cancer Society, she has been a constant source of help to the people we are here to serve.  For many years she was in charge of patient equipment so this lady knows her way around an equipment warehouse!  She also knows her way around the kitchen because this lady makes a delicious heavy cake.  When Miss Hope was asked what drink she cannot live without, she replied ‘MILO from Jamaica’


Linda DaCosta

Linda DaCosta is an attorney at Conyers Dill and Pearman.  Linda is a cancer survivor herself and joined the Cancer Society because she wanted to help other patients who were going through the same thing.  She has recently become the Vice Chair for the Cancer Society, previously serving as Chair and Director before that.  You may see her driving around Cayman in her hot “muscle” car.  Linda is the proud mama of ‘Miss Cayman 2016’ Tonie Chisholm.


Brett Hill

brett Roger Brett Hill is President & CEO, Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited.  Brett was asked to join the Board by Sook when the Society was looking for a Treasurer.  Brett thought it was a worthy cause, so he accepted.  That was so many years ago, he can’t even remember how long he’s been involved.  There are many interesting things about Brett but one surprising thing about him is that he used to busk on street corners and earned money playing guitar and singing in bars.  If you want to get on Brett’s good side, meet him at the end of any charity run, with a fresh dry T-shirt and a fresh dry drink.


Dr. Samantha Digby

Dr. Samantha Digby is a general practitioner. Dr. Digby earned her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of Nottingham Medical School in England. She completed her vocational training at East Somerset and earned a Diploma in Child Health. She has also earned a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and is a Member of the Royal College of General Practice. Samantha Digby has conducted General Practice in the UK, Cruise Ship Medicine and General Practice in the Cayman Islands. Dr. Samantha Digby practices family medicine with a whole body approach to wellness for all ages. Additionally, Dr. Digby specialises in women’s health issues, health screenings, chronic disease management, insurance physicals and work permit physicals. Dr. Digby is married to a stand-up comedian and they have three young daughters.


Tash McGrath

Originally from Australia, Natasha (Tash) McGrath is an experienced lawyer and volunteer extraordinaire. She has been volunteering with the CICS in various capacities for years. One of her areas of interest is bone marrow donorship. Tash is passionate about adding more donors to the world wide bone marrow registry, especially those of Afro-Caribbean ancestry, who are under-represented globally. She is a champion of this cause and is determined to make a difference. Tash is married to Michael and together they have 2 beautiful daughters.


Dave O’Driscoll

Dave O’Driscoll is a ginger-haired Irishman with a big MO and an even bigger heart. Dave moved to Cayman 13 years ago and quickly became involved with the community. From the beginning Dave has been part of “The MOvember Committee” a group of charity-minded men and woman who plan events to raise funds and awareness about men’s cancer and mental health issues, while growing their MO (=short for moustache) during the month of November. In 2019 Dave became the Co-Chair of the MOvember Committee and used his boundless energy to lead the MO bros and sistas through another great November in Cayman. He and his MO sista girlfriend Maria work tirelessly for the Cancer Society and several other non-profits that include hairy beings, like the Humane Society.


Jennifer McKinney

Jenn is the Group Head of Risk & Compliance at Ogier. Originally from Arkansas, Jenn moved to Cayman to pursue her love of underwater photography whilst working full-time in the financial services industry. Jenn has a passion to travel and even though she’s only lived in one other country besides Cayman, she has travelled and worked on special projects all over the world. Jenn has a personal mission to help with CICS’s own mission and spread awareness of cancer and help patients. “My own family has had to go through cancer treatments, and it was a very hard, scary time. We had very special people that helped us through the process at our treatment centres, and I want to pay forward the kindness we received through volunteering with the CICS.”