A diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating experience for both the person diagnosed and the people close to them.

    Many people can get support by talking to close family or friends.  However, it can sometimes help to talk to someone outside of that circle who has been trained to listen & help you explore your feelings.

    Talking to a counselor or psychologist can ease the sense of isolation you may feel and help you find ways to face the challenges ahead...


    Is Counselling For Me?

    • I feel anxious or worried about cancer and my treatment.
    • I have felt depressed or discouraged.
    • I have been irritable or unusually angry.
    • My sleep habits have changed.
    • I have had difficulty concentrating at work, at home or on routine things like reading.
    • Cancer and its treatment have interfered with my family or social life.
    • Cancer and its treatment have interfered with my sexual life.
    • Cancer has caused physical, emotional, or financial hardship for me.
    • Cancer or its treatment has caused changes in my physical appearance and it concerns me.
    • I have difficulty coping with the stress I have experienced.