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Together we can make a difference

Become a Member

Join the fight against cancer and show your support for those in the battle by becoming a member of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.  The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is a charity funded by donations from individuals and businesses in our community and through the sale of memberships.

As a member of the Cancer Society you are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting each year and to help decide the future direction of the organization.

Our membership fee is just $25.00 CI per year for an individual or $40.00 CI for a family.  Show your support for the fight against cancer by becoming a member of the Society today.

Download the official Membership Application Form

What does your membership contribute to?

An individual membership of $25 can:

  • purchase a PSA test for prostate cancer for one man;
  • purchase a fecal occult test for colon cancer for one man or woman;
  • underwrite the cost of renting a wheelchair;

A family membership of $40 can:

  • Contribute to rent for a patient who has to redirect income to treatment;
  • Vaccinate children against acquiring or communicating the virus which causes cervical cancer;
  • Help increase the number of educational programmes offered;
  • Contribute to counselling services for cancer patients and families;

and much more!