Education & Prevention

Raising awareness of cancer and educating the community on ways to prevent cancer.

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Charity Vouchers

CICS provides vouchers for some cancer screenings. Know someone in need of support? Let us know.

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Financial Assistance

CICS provides financial help with aid and assistance for those cancer patients with the greatest need.

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Survivor Stories

Together we can, and are, beating cancer.


Jerry Fraizer

“Time and time again, we hear about people being diagnosed with cancer and the common misconception that many people have is that rarely do people become a cancer survivor. I have always heard about people…”

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Marlene Smith

“It was during a frank discussion with someone at the walk that I realized there are still individuals who are not aware that colorectal cancer affects an equal number of men and women…”

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Anthony Walton

“I don’t have the time.” “It’s too expensive.” “I’m afraid of what I might find out.” “I’m fine.” “It’s no big deal, I’ll tough it out.” If you are a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, friend or loved one…”

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Together we’re stronger. Join our vibrant community!

Whether it be through coming out and supporting us, volunteering, coordinating a fundraiser, or making a donation – it all helps.

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What’s the Latest?

There is always something happening in your community! See the latest news, events and community updates from CICS.

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What Ways Can I Help?

No Matter How Big Or Small

When you make a donation to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, you increase our ability to reduce the risks of cancer in Cayman through information and education.

We’re Always Looking!

The Society is always seeking volunteers to assist in a number of different areas including helping in the office, helping with our newsletter, and helping out at Cancer Society and other community events.

Create a Custom Donation

Create a custom donation gift for a friend or loved one through us today!

You can Help By Registering

One very IMPORTANT way for you to help donate to our cause is to GET REGISTERED! Click the link below to find out how you’re helping Cayman Islands.

Kids Can Help Too!

There are many ways you can get your kids involved in helping us help the community.

You Can Make a Difference

Don’t think you can’t, or that any contribution you make is too small to make any impact. Contact us today for information on our services and opportunities to get involved.

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