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Make a Donation

When you make a donation to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, you increase our ability to reduce the risks of cancer in Cayman through information and education. Your donation also translates into real, tangible benefits that impact the lives of cancer patients battling their disease every day. You may donate to the Society at any time. Thanks to generous donations from donors like you, we can provide more vaccinations against the virus which causes cervical cancer for youths, increase the availability of vouchers for cancer-preventative tests for men and women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, or help ease the burden of treatment for cancer patients and their families.

 What can YOUR Donation do?

  • CI$1000 will buy a hospital bed to help make patients more comfortable
  • CI$120 will buy a prosthetic breast to reduce stigma after mastectomy
  • CI$100 will buy a mammogram voucher to screen for breast cancer
  • CI$50 will buy a pap test voucher to screen for cervical cancer
  • CI$40 will buy an HPV vaccine for cervical cancer prevention
  • CI$25 will buy a PSA test to screen for prostate cancer
  • CI$20 will buy a fecal occult kit to screen for colorectal cancer

Whatever your reason for donating, there are a number of ways you can contribute to fighting cancer. Donations can be given financially, in the form of skills, or by donating supplies or gifts/vouchers that can be given away at Cancer Society events.  If your desire is to donate skills or supplies, contact us via phone, fax, or email.  Whatever way you choose, your donation will be appreciated.

Thank you for contributing to the fight to end cancer.

A wise woman once said: “No one can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.”

Ways to Donate

Cash and Annual Giving

Gifts of cash, checks, and credit card charges all help the lives of the children and adults served by the Cancer Society.  These gifts are accepted for any purpose consistent with our mission, values and goals.

We happily accept one-time cash donations, as well as recurrent gifts.  If you consider the Cancer Society an important part of life in Cayman, you may want to consider making an annual donation to the Cancer Society.  This can be done through personal donations, or through the organisation of a fundraising event which takes place each year.  No matter the amount, the Cancer Society welcomes all cash or annual gifts that enable us to continue providing excellent services to the people of the Cayman Islands.

Donate to CICS via ButterfieldIf you bank with Butterfield, you can add “THE CAYMAN ISLANDS CANCER SOCIETY” as a payee, and send a donation that way (please choose USD as the currency). Just remember to add a reference if you would like your donation to by put towards a specific initiative such as the Eve Flowers Fund, Movember, or treatment being sponsored, if applicable.

If you wish to donate financially, we accept cash or cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to the Cayman Island Cancer Society.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

A memorial gift is an appropriate way to honour the passing of a loved family member or respected neighbour or colleague.  A tribute gift is a thoughtful way to recognize someone for a special achievement or milestone, religious occasion or life-cycle event like a birthday, wedding, graduation or anniversary. To customize your message, consider making your donation via where your donation can be made as a gift to someone who may have lost someone close to them. 

Employer Matching Gifts

Double the impact of your donation to the Cancer Society by participating in your employers matching gift programme.  Employers may match your charitable contribution with an equal or higher amount if you or your spouse are an employee, retiree, or board member.  Consider discussing with your employer how they may be able to help increase the impact of your donation when planning your gift.


A bequest is an easy and novel way to support the mission of the Cancer Society in the future.  You can include a bequest provision in your will or trust.  Bequests can be changed or modified if your circumstances change and this will not affect your assets or cash flow during your lifetime.  There are various types of bequests (general, specific, residual, contingent and percentage) and they can be either restricted for a particular use or purpose or unrestricted.  Please advise us if you have included the Cancer Society in your will or trust documents so that way may thank you and recognise your generosity.

Life Insurance

Donating a life insurance policy is often overlooked as a means to benefit the individuals served by the Cancer Society.  One way to help is to name us as the beneficiary of a paid-up policy that your family no longer needs.  Please advise us if you have added the Cancer Society as a beneficiary of your life insurance so that way may thank you and recognise your generosity.

Community Fundraising

Coins for Cancer

Getting together with your friends, family or other community members to raise funds for the Cancer Society is a very rewarding way to donate.  Whether it is a simple lemonade stand, a school bake sale, or sponsored athletic event (Mt. Everest, anyone?), community fundraisers not only allow many people to contribute to the donation, but also provide creative, fun community experiences that raise the profile of the Cancer Society.   Here are just a couple examples of community events which raise funds for us:

  • The Grassroots Approach

    • Six-year-old Amelia Thomas raised over CI$4,000 “to help people with cancer in Cayman and make them feel better”. Her initial effort was a lemonade stand, which led to the idea of having classes at her school compete to fill jugs (pictured here) with coins.  Her inspiration?  A young friend currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.
  • Eve Flowers Bone Marrow Fund

    • In loving memory of Ms. Eve, we will be using the funds raised to increase the bone marrow donor registry with donors of Afro-Caribbean descent. It costs $75 to get someone on the donor registry (including the kit, the testing and registration) so whatever funds we raise will allow us to add more donors. 

Donating Hair

Donating long hair to Locks of Love is a great way to provide some support for those who are struggling with hair loss due to cancer treatment. If you would like to donate your hair to Locks of Love you can find important information on the Locks of Love guidelines and Locks of Love Hair Donation Form.