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Chemotherapy Unit

Together we can make a difference

Chemotherapy Unit Opened in 2014

Thanks to the donors who helped us build it!

Want to be a part of it?  Help us with training, staffing and other on-going costs for the next 5 years.  Make your donation today!

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New Chemotherapy Unit’s First Patients

According to Janet, one of the first patients of the new Chemo Unit that has been built and operated by the Cayman Island Cancer Society has provided positive outcome for her. Janet noted that she is extremely positive and appreciative of the convenience and the location of the new Chemotherapy Unit. She has also found   the atmosphere and the décor of the new Chemo Unit to be more welcoming when compared to the previous one at the George Town Hospital.

“Everyone is accommodating” states Janet. “Their hospitality gives you a sense of peace and hope when you are there.” Privacy is what stands out most to Janet. “It’s like sitting in your own living room, enjoying your own space. At the old location I used to run for the little blue chair in the corner so as to maintain my privacy.  No one has to be peeping at you anymore and noticing you having treatment in this new, private and beautiful accommodation.”

The decor is perfect, especially the wall portraits and the Chemotherapy Infusion chairs which give a feeling of therapeutic massage and also help you to relax, re-align and rejuvenate says Janet. The beautiful garden which the windows are open to gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility.

 Janet commented, “I made sure to arrive early in order to spend extra time in the infusion chair, it’s so cool sitting in it.” She referred to the new Chemotherapy Unit as a big improvement to chemo care in the Cayman Islands.  Bravo to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

I am Bav. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in early 2014. Thanks to the new Chemotherapy unit that was donated to the George Town Hospital by Cayman Islands Cancer Society. As a chemo patient, I am so happy for this new facility. It’s a very beautiful accommodation.    Peace and tranquility is what I fell when I am at the new Chemo Unit.   The enchantment of the décors especially the new chemo infusion chairs are so comfortable and relaxing. Sitting in the chairs make me feel like I am receiving a massage therapy.   Other chemo patients say that they made and effort to be extra early for their appointment in order to spend extra time in the infusion chair.

Cindy and her staff are most welcoming. They even offer us food. They embraced us with love and comfort. Privacy is the order of the day at the new chemo unit. No more do I have to run for the old blue chair in the corner to hide myself from the public eyes. I am now privileged to enjoy the comfort and the warmth of the new chemo facility.

 There is a beautiful garden that is at the front of the building which is visible from each infusion chair.  This garden adds to the beauty of the new chemo unit. I referred to it as the ‘Garden of Tranquility’.  It gives me hope, peace and the strength to overcome this dreaded disease.

A new state of the art Chemotherapy facility for the people of the Cayman Islands

The new Chemo Unit will be located at the Cayman Islands Hospital in an existing building formerly occupied by the old Lighthouse School, Smith Road, George Town, Grand Cayman. The project encompasses a complete renovation and fit out of 1000 sq ft of existing building. This project is being developed by the Cayman Islands Cancer Society to serve any patient who desires to receive Chemotherapy treatment in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands Cancer Society will hand the Unit over to the Health Services Authority (HSA) upon completion. Going forward, the Unit will fall under the auspices of the HSA, and will be operated as part of the health care facilities that are available to all visitors and residents of the Cayman Islands. All contributions received will be used to fund the construction/renovation of the building, purchase all the medical equipment required, purchase special comfortable chemo chairs for patients and pay for one full time chemo nurse. The target amount required for this project is CI$750,000.

About the Chemotherapy Unit

The new Chemotherapy Unit will be an expensive project but it’s worth it because it will more than double the current Chemo unit’s capacity to provide healing treatment which will allow more patients to be treated locally, where they can recuperate surrounded by the comfort of loved ones and home. The unit will feature four infusion chairs in an open, bright, state-of-the-art space where patients will have a view of a beautiful garden to inspire feelings of hope.

How you can help

All gifts, regardless of size, are meaningful and appreciated. This is a project for the whole community so we are reaching out to the whole community for financial support of this meaningful project. When you make a donation toward the new Chemo unit you offer everyone hope for the future.

Contributions will be acknowledged on the wall of appreciation in the following categories:

Platinum – over US$50,000
Gold – US$25,000 – US$50,000
Silver – US$15,000 – US$25,000
  Bronze – US$5,000 – US$15,000
Partner – US$1,000 – US$5,000
Supporter – US$100 – US$1,000

Other recommended donation suggestions:

Thank you

After fighting cancer, many patients and their families feel special gratitude for their gift of life. A thank you gift, is a wonderful way to say thank you to the doctors, nurses and other staff while honoring the work they do.

Special Tribute

A gift for the chemo unit is a special way to honor someone on their birthday, anniversary or other special day.


A memorial gift is a lasting way to remember someone at a time of sadness. Flowers are always nice, but a memorial gift to the Chemo unit can do something special.

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  • General Entrance Area
  • Nurse’s Station
  • Patient Treatment Area
  • Consultation/Examination Room
  • Secured Medical Supplies Storage Area
  • General Storage Area
  • Medical Disposal Area
  • Patient Rest Room(s)
  • Staff Rest Room
  • Kitchenette
  • Tranquility Garden

How to Donate

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Please contact the Cayman Islands Cancer Society directly for details on other ways to contribute:

  • Phone: (345) 949-7618
  • Fax: (345) 949-8694
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