Voucher Programme

The CI Cancer Society provides vouchers for:

  • pap tests
  • prostate exams
  • mouth cancer screenings
  • throat cancer screenings
  • COMING SOON – lung cancer screenings

Who can provide free vouchers for mammograms?

Both the Breast Cancer Foundation (year round) and Lions Club of Tropical Gardens (during the month of October only) provide free mammogram screening vouchers to individuals who qualify.

Who else can provide free vouchers?

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman provide free prostate cancer (PSA) test for men who qualify.

If you or someone you know is:

  • a woman who is unable to afford a mammogram
  • a man who is unable to afford a prostate cancer (PSA) test.


Please visit the  Breast Cancer Foundation, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens, or the Lions Club of Grand Cayman for more information.