You Can Make a Difference

Your contribution to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society can come in a number of forms – planned or spontaneous!  What gift do you have that you can share with us?


Donations come in many varieties, they range from creating custom donations, ‘gifts’ to a friend or loved one by donating via Cayman Gift certificates, hair donations, your time, talents, and more!


Consider becoming a volunteer! You’ll be supporting our mission and we are always seeking to recruit fresh volunteers to assist us throughout various departments. We’re ready to hear from you!

Get Registered

Registering every incidence of cancer in your family helps provide the Cayman Islands with information needed to improve treatment for patients and target prevention efforts. This is a HUGE way you can help donate to our cause.

Can’t find something that fits for you?  Contact us to discuss how what you can offer might match up with our needs.

Kids Can Help Too!

There are many ways you can get your kids involved in helping us help the community.

Make Cards For Patients

Patients love it when we hand them a special work of art made by children.  Make “thinking of you” cards as a craft at your childs next birthday party.  The kids will have fun and our patients will love receiving something so thoughtful.

Collect Magazines

We always need magazines (not local publications, not books, not catalogues) so collect magazines and drop them off at our office at 114 Maple Rd, in front of the GT hospital.  We have a big white bin in front of our office door with a sign that reads: MAGAZINE DONATIONS.

Have a Lemonade Stand

Give the money you make to help the community.

Have a Bake Sale

Donate what you earn to help others

Have a Garage Sale

Sell used books, games, toys clothing. Donate the profits.