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Survivor Stories: Simone Ross – Kidney Cancer Survivor

Late March 2019, during a very busy weekend I experienced three episodes of haematuria (blood in my urine) over a three-day period, the third time it happened I thought this is really odd and took a picture of it. The next morning, I called and made an appointment with my local GP doctor. She was …

Wash your hands

Good Advice: Coronavirus & Cancer Concerns

Good Advice Cancer patients and those with comorbidities may be more vulnerable to the coronavirus than others, but the methods of prevention and protection are no different for cancer patients than they are for the general population.  Protect yourselves and others by:

February is World Cancer Awareness Month

Lavender is the new pink! Everyone knows that a pink ribbon is the awareness colour for breast cancer, but not everyone knows that lavender is the awareness colour for all cancers.  February 4th is World Cancer Awareness Day.  World Cancer Awareness Day Month