Resources & Links

Our Resources section is intended to provide you with information that aligns with the CICS mission but extends beyond our organisation.  This section also provides you as an individual with materials you need to have a deeper understanding of context surrounding cancer and how it impacts all of our lives.

We hope that you can take a moment to browse the websites of the following partner organisations to see what services they provide which might be of assistance to you!

Community Partners

Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)  
Big Brothers Big Sisters  
Breast Cancer Foundation or call 923-1135 for their help line
Cayman Active  
Cayman Heart Fund (CHF)  
Cayman Hospice Care  
Cayman Islands Crisis Centre  
Cayman Islands National Health Insurance (CINICO)  
Cayman Islands Red Cross  
Children’s Health Task Force 747-2002 Maureen Cubbon
Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital (CTMH)  
Department of Children and Family Services  
Diabetes Foundation  
Family Resource Centre  
Feed our Future  
Healthy Caribbean Coalition  
Meals on Wheels  
Lion’s Club of Grand Cayman  
Lion’s Club of Tropical Gardens  
Public Health Department or 244-2648
Rotary Club Central  
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman  
Rotary Club Sunrise  

Additional Links

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Cancer Research UK

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

Cayman Cancer Resources

Our friends at the Breast Cancer Foundation now provide prosthetic breasts and bras for women in Cayman who have had breast cancer surgery and need financial assistance to get the undergarments they need. Please call them at 923-1135 to make an appointment and find out more.