Research in Cayman

Cancer research in Cayman is an exciting topic.  To date, research which is considered foundational to scientific research began when the Cayman Island Cancer Society and the Health Services Authority entered into an agreement to start an official Cancer Registry.  Now in its 5th year, the Registry is a place where data is collected on every incidence of Cancer.  This type of registry is common world-wide and helps countries better understand how much cancer there is in a population, as well as what types of cancer are present.

Additionally, CICS has hosted breast cancer gene studies to determine whether or not women in Cayman were more likely to carry the BRCA gene 1 & 2 mutation which puts women at higher risk of developing a more aggressive form of cancer at an earlier age.

The first BRCA gene study is still on going, but keep an eye out for interim reports on results, or calls for study participants!