Cayman Cancer Data on Men Still Falling Short

The Cayman Islands Cancer Registry is still battling to collect the data it needs to better understand the local prevalence rates to help develop strategies to mitigate the risks associated with the disease. Although the register has seen an impressive monthly increase of 50% in the number of patients voluntarily submitting data about the disease since the beginning of this year, officials have now said that only 30% of registrants are men. Since government reacted to the opposition to a mandatory cancer register by withdrawing the legislation, researchers have become heavily dependent on physicians and charities persuading patients to take part.

Cancer Registrar Amanda Nicholson said she was pleased with the increase in numbers as 340 people are now registered which will help with the understanding of cancer trends here. She credited the increase in new registrants to the support of a good network of medical professionals and cancer organisations such as the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Read more at Cayman News Service

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