Funds Needed for Mammogram Machine

A new mammogram machine for the George Town Hospital is needed urgently, with the current machine now needing replacing; it is more than 10 years old and frequently breaking down. Fundraising is now underway to replace the current machine as quickly as possible. Mammograms play a significant part in the early detection of breast cancer… (read more at The Cayman Reporter)

Dr. Sook YinDr. Sook Yin, Cayman Islands Cancer Society director said that a percentage of the proceeds from the mammograms undertaken at the HSA is placed in a specially targeted account to be used in any reasonable cancer-related project.

“Through this account, a good amount of monies have been allocated thus far towards the new mammogram machine,” Dr. Yin said. “We will be able to allocate a substantial sum to jump start the fundraising because 10 percent of the 15,000 or so mammograms undertaken at the George Town Hospital (at around $200 a mammogram) have been placed into a cancer care fund. We have used some funds from this account to pay for a much-needed breast biopsy machine as well as purchasing an upgraded Pap smear testing system, but we will still have a substantial sum to donate.

“We very much hope that the Ministry of Health will also find funds to donate to the mammogram machine purchase,” Dr. Yin added. “Patients under the Government’s CINICO health insurance are required to use the George Town Hospital facilities and upgrading the facilities at this hospital benefits the entire community.”

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