Lions Club of Tropical Gardens Breast Cancer Awareness

This year, under the theme “Early Detection Saves Lives” the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens proudly celebrates 20 years of the Lions Breast Cancer Awareness program in the Cayman Islands.

Education is key:

Over 55,000 persons have benefited from educational programs which have involved crucial partnerships with our health care practitioners. We have committed to ensuring that the “right” information is disseminated to as wide a cross-section of our population as possible.

• Increase the number of mammogram vouchers available to benefit these Islands. No woman should be left behind!

• Increase the level of our support to victims and their families – recognizing the need in many cases for ongoing assistance during an  extended treatment period;

• Expand the ambit of educational drive to particularly include our younger women /girls and empower them with vital information relating to their bodies.

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