MOvember celebrates a decade of moustaches and fundraising

The Movember committee presenting the donation outside the new chemotherapy unit.

The Movember committee presenting the donation outside the new chemotherapy unit.

As Published in the Cayman Compass – 20 November, 2014

Each November involves the curious sight of many men in Cayman sporting large moustaches of all shapes and sizes.

The hirsute efforts are in aid of “Movember,” which was first introduced in Cayman a decade ago. The annual charity event encourages men to grow their moustaches with the aim of creating awareness and raising money for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

“Ten years ago, I doubt anyone would have been able to foresee that men growing their facial hair could end up making such a big impact on cancer care in our community,” said Jennifer Weber, operations manager at the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. “The ‘Mo Bros and Sistahs’ are remarkable people who are literally changing the face of cancer in Cayman. Everything they do helps us to help others.”

This year, Movember kicked off with a Sunset Walk along Seven Mile Beach. Other events planned include the MO’pen Golf Championship on Friday, Nov. 21, at the North Sound Golf Course and the MOsquerade Ball shave event and awards ceremony at the Waterfront Cafe in Camana Bay on Saturday, Nov. 29.

Tim Rossiter, chairman of the Movember Committee, stressed the importance of men having regular health checkups.

“We started Movember with the simple idea of raising awareness of male cancer here in the Cayman Islands, given many men ignore their own health, don’t like to discuss it with family and friends and often avoid regular checks,” he said.

He is asking residents to support the cause to help those who are suffering from cancer. “These are people who have no one else, and every dollar counts towards their care and treatment, helping both them and their families at such a difficult time. So please continue to support Movember Cayman, and continue to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. Every dollar raised in Cayman is a dollar needed in Cayman – and stays in Cayman,” he said.

The latest donation from the Movember Committee went to Cayman’s new chemotherapy unit, which opened at the Cayman Islands Hospital last week. The committee donated $100,000.

“We wanted to show our commitment to the Cancer Society and also have something tangible to show for the fundraising efforts made by our ‘Mo Bros’ over the last few years,” said Mr. Rossiter.

“The arrival of a chemo unit in the Cayman Islands is a significant addition to the care and treatment of cancer patients. At Movember, our focus has always been to support those with cancer here in Cayman and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to help this incredible achievement.”

He added, “One side effect is that Movember participants don’t get to see the tangible use of their efforts, but this donation to the chemo unit changes that. Not only is it a visible landmark of their efforts, it is a vastly improved lifestyle for those suffering and their families. The beneficiaries can literally experience their efforts and the efforts of others over the last 10 years, and that makes it all worthwhile.”

For more information on this year’s Movember activities, check out or the Movember Cayman Islands Facebook page.

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