Seven Summits Challenge

Explorer takes on final leg of Seven Summits Challenge


Over the last decade, Guy Manning first began his Seven Summits Challenge to climb the tallest peaks on each continent.This year he will attempt to complete the challenge by climbing Denali. Mr. Manning will take on the highest mountain in North America in May/June. Mr. Manning has already made two unsuccessful attempts on the peak.

In addition to taking on the challenge, Mr. Manning is using it as an opportunity to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society (CICS).  He first supported the cancer society in 2013, when he climbed the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest. The climbed raised over US $100,000 for the cancer society.  On his trek up Mt. Everest Mr. Manning carried a list of clients from the cancer society, as well as the Cayman flag.

To help raise funds for the final leg of the Seven Summits Challenge, you can visit the website to DONATE NOW.

Seven Summit Challenge 

guy manning

  • Kilimanjario | Africa (2004)
  • Aconcagua | South American (2008)
  • Vinson | Antarctica (2010)
  • Elbrus | Europe (2011)
  • Everest | Asia (2013)
  • Carstensz | Australasia (2014)
  • Denali | North American (May/June 2015)

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