Honouring Derek Larner

Derek Larner Cayman Islands

Yesterday the Cayman community learned that Mr. Derek Larner, running coach and enthusiast passed away from pancreatic cancer.  Derek was an integral part of our Stride walk/run every year and we can’t imagine Stride without him. 

Therefore, in an effort to honor all Derek did to help others in Cayman CICS is dedicating the Sunday Jan 31st Stride Against Cancer 2021 to Derek Larner.  Stride participants are encouraged to write the name of the person they are Stride in honor or in memory of someone they care about on the back of their Stride shirts so we expect many will choose to write Derek’s name this year.   

Cayman Compass: 2021 Stride Against Cancer Dedicated to Derek Larner

Purple is the awareness ribbon color for pancreatic cancer so can’t help but think of Derek this year as we look at the purple runner in the Stride logo.  

Read more about Derek in this article in the Cayman Compass: Derek Larner Remembered