MOvember Event Schedule 2021




MOpening Night Shave-Off
Fidel Murphy’s: 6-8pm

It all starts here. Sign up to become a MO Bro, then pick up your exclusive T-shirt announcing your commitment to the cause. You can also enjoy a complimentary Ketel One cocktail or Heineken( zero if that’s your preference!).

A nice, clean shave starts all contestants off on equal footing, thanks to The Barbershop at Studio54 West. That can be limited to just the face, unless dear friends bid for their buddies to get a mohawk as well in the very first MO-Hawktion.
Games and entertainment will keep everyone distracted while they get shorn like sheep.



MO Bro Balls of Fury
KARoo: 6pm

Dare we delve into what this tournament is all about? The Bartender Royale competition has been running for months now, with its finale to be held at KARoo on 8 Nov. In order to support Cayman’s Movember, it is allowing MO Bros to step up and show their bartending chops in speed rounds titled ‘MO Bro Balls of Fury’. Food specials will probably include meatball subs. Two meatballs per sub. We’ll leave it there.



Movember Info Night
The Lions Centre: 7pm

In a way, this is one of the most important nights in Movember. Sponsored by Doctors Hospital, it offers presentations, Q&A sessions and free Prostate-Specific Antigen screenings for attendees. The whole reason Movember was started was to try and highlight the importance of men’s physical and mental health, including removing the social stigma around male depression. The Info Night is designed to help men become better equipped to deal with issues, and learn the importance of regularly being tested for cancers.



The MOpen Championship
North Sound Golf Club: Noon

Dimpled, bald spheres meet hairy MOs on the golf course for this four-ball scramble event which always sells out. Get a team together that will hopefully end up celebrating at the 19th hole; just don’t forget the sunscreen. It’ll be a hot one out there at midday, and a crispy MO is a sad sight to behold.



Must-Dash 5K
Seven Mile Public Beach: 5pm

Mercifully, not a crack-of-dawn dash, this 5K is a new addition to the Movember calendar. The course has a bit of a… testosterone twist to it. To say more would be giving the game away; we simply recommend you walk, jog or run with a tracking device that can map out your route. All will be revealed at the end. Spot prizes will be up for grabs and complimentary beverages once you hit the finish line.



The Closing CereMOny
The Bird: 7pm

Everything has been leading up to this moment. Sprouts have flourished into MOs to be proud of, and now the judges will decide who takes home the various titles: Classic MO, Costume MO, Barely MO, Ginger MO, MO Sista and Group MO.

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