Rosie Lewis


“We all know that any charity does good work – so why would the Cayman Islands Cancer Society be any different?

“The difference is the personal approach and the length that the Cancer Society here in Cayman goes to support it’s ‘members’. “

I had the misfortune to become one of its ‘members’ back in 2004 when I was diagnosed with lung cancer, but it was and is an experience that continues to change my life. Far from supplying just practical advice which you would expect I was surprised at how in depth their support is and continues to be. They managed to make me feel that they genuinely cared about me and my story and their help far outweighed my expectations.

“The whole ethos of the C.I.C.S. is that everyone here in Cayman should have access to affordable treatment for cancer should they need it, regardless of their insurance cover. Like so many people my insurance cover was not sufficient for the cost of major surgery in Miami and chemotherapy and ongoing treatments and checks. Their support extends to financially paying for peoples flights, accommodation and medical bills etc, and in many cases booking these things and ensuring that they have all the documents etc they need. They have some amazing counselors that donate their time for cancer patients and survivors because cancer is a long journey and we do need some help sometimes. Every now and then someone from the Society will call me and just ask how I am doing – such is their continued support and care.

“To me the Cayman Islands Cancer Society is not just a charity – they are my extended family, my friends who care about me and what is going on in my life and I feel so fortunate to be part of the group. They have helped me and so may others so much – they really do need our continued support so they may continue this incredible job that they do for others in the future. For many it is the difference in maybe having or not having the treatment that will save their life and no-one should have to make that decision should they?”