Cayman Islands Cancer Society Postage Stamp

Send a letter to a loved one, pay some bills, and raise awareness to help those in the community.
We are so excited to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with this special Cayman Islands Postage Stamp! Pick up yours today and help support everyone in Cayman whose lives have been touched by cancer.
About the stamp:
The Cancer Society logo is a periwinkle flower as a reference to cancer fighting drugs.   The leaves of the pink periwinkle plant are the source of one of the earliest group of anticancer drugs- vinca alkaloids -which are used to treat many cancers- lymphoma, leukemia, testicular, breast, lung etc. 
Many people know that a pink ribbon shows support for breast cancer but it’s the lavender colored ribbon that’s the symbol of support and awareness for all types of cancer. The Cancer Society has a banner with all the cancer awareness ribbon colors with the motto, “They all matter to us” indicating that the Cancer Society exists to provide hope, help and strength to people with all kinds of cancer. 
The bell in the HSA chemotherapy unit at George Town hospital is rung in celebration by patients who complete their prescribed course of chemotherapy treatment.  While many chemotherapy units around the world ring a bell to signify the end of chemo, in Cayman, the bell is especially meaningful because it reminds us of Cayman’s maritime history when bells were rung on ships.
Official letter

We received this official and personal letter from H.E. the Governor Martyn Roper in the announcement of the Cayman Postage Stamp. You can read the full letter here

Quick Preview Image of Governor's Letter